Jackson Hole, Yellowstone &

The Teton National Park

We are huge fans of Wyoming, which is really no surprise given that we were married in Jackson Hole. The area is well worth a visit in the winter, but the real show stopper has to be visiting the area in the summer with its ideal weather, fabulous views and relaxed feel.

In planning our wedding, we had the very hard and difficult task of visiting the area three times in order to make sure all would be perfect.  It was rough going, but in the end it all paid off. :-)

Seriously, there's so much to love about Jackson Hole that it really is difficult to pinpoint one favorite thing as we have found that the more time we spend there, the better it gets.  Though this said, two must-do's in the summer are to go fly-fishing (yes, the women too!) and to go on a horseback ride at the Spring Creek Ranch.  I don't see how anyone could possibly be disappointed with either of these items.

Have fun and be sure to send us pictures when you go!


Amangani, Jackson $$$$

Four Seasons, Teton Village $$$

Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson $$

Alpine House, Jackson $

Roosevelt Lodge, Yellowstone

Jenny Lake Lodge, Teton National Park $$


The Granary, Spring Creek Ranch

Stiegler's, Teton Village

Koshu Wine Bar, Jackson

Roosevelt Lodge, Yellowstone

Billy's Burgers, Jackson

Calico, Teton Village

Mangy Moose, Teton Village

Osteria, Jackson


Fly Fishing, Westbank Anglers

Rafting, Barker-Ewing River Trips

Hiking, Yellowstone or Teton National Park

Spa-ing, Four Seasons or Snake River Lodge

Skiing, Teton Village