US Virgin Islands

St. John's

We loved St. John's and as a matter of fact had very detailed conversations about moving there in the future if we could figure out how to make a living there or just suddenly become financially independent.

The night before we left on our trip, we saw a preview to the movie, Open Water. The preview alone scared Jen to death which made for a little more stressful diving trips than Scott had hoped for. After we returned to Texas, we saw the movie and were stunned to realize that the main resort in the movie was actually the place we had stayed! 

Jen's favorite memory from this trip is when Scott packed a gourmet picnic lunch (from the little shop just around the corner from the Westin) and rented a dingy for the day to take us to remote beaches that would have been a challenge to reach by car.  Besides, it was more fun by boat anyway!


Westin, St. John's $$$

Caneel Bay, St. John's $$$




Diving & Snorkeling:

Relaxing by the pool

Sailing / Boating