Corsica is a lovely French island in the Mediterranean with windy roads that will make the strongest stomachs quesy. The town I recommend the most is Bonifacio which is the first photo to the left. We inquired with our hotel for advice on the best beaches in the area and found a beautiful beach that was hidden off the road which was filled with mostly locals. The water and the sand beach were simply gorgeous. 

Fair warning though, most of the visitors to Corsica are French who like to sunbathe topless.

The north of the island is supposedly really nice; however, I missed the train that would have taken me up there for the day.  Oh well, it gives a really good reason to return.




I can't recall any one location, but everyone should definitely eat as many crepes as they can while here. My favorites were the salmon and creme fraise with lemon juice  and nutella and bananas.


Tour the small towns

Survive the windy roads

Dine to your heart's content

Visit Napaleon's birthplace  (Corsican's are very patriotic about Napolean)